Bend-A-Knee Weekly Sermon


     It seems every day we hear of another case of a “mass shooting” somewhere. In the midst of the reports of the shootings the battle lines have been drawn in regard to gun rights. I am not going to enter into the fray over whether individual rights will be restricted if stricter gun regulations are imposed, you have already made up your mind about where you stand on the issue. Unfortunately, lost in the great debate is the reality that actual lives are continually being lost. The recent mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas at Robb Elementary School, as with any school shooting, escalates the debates about gun control but school shootings also bring into focus each individual precious student that have lost their lives at such a tender age. School administrators are continually evaluating better protocol to ensure the safety of the students and staff in their districts and individual school buildings. Teachers instruct their students in classrooms and school wide drills are implemented to help prepare the students and staff for various possible threats that may cause harm in their building. 

     My wife Ruth, with tears in her eyes, shared with me a story shared on social media about a teacher and her students, discussing the proper protocol for their safety. The unique situation in the story is that the teacher is confined to a wheelchair. The teacher expressed her concern for her students due to her physical condition, that she may not be able to physically protect them; so it was imperative that they obey her instructions immediately and without question. In the case that the students needed to evacuate the building she told the students not to worry about her but to make every effort to make sure they were able to make themselves safe. After she gave them the instructions one of the students raised their hand and said that they, as her class, had already discussed the possibility of such a situation and the student’s unified response was that together in a coordinated effort they would carry their beloved teacher to safety. The student’s strategy indicates their willingness to do whatever was necessary to provide for the safety of their teacher. 

     God’s love for mankind, evidenced through the sacrifice of the Eternal Son, shows His willingness, at a great cost, to do what was necessary to secure an eternal relationship with Him. Today as you consider pausing at noon, to Bend-A-Knee in prayer, may you thank God for His overwhelming love, a love evidenced by His action taken on everyone’s behalf. May your actions daily illustrate your love for your Heavenly Father in the way you live your life for His honor & glory. 

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God’s Peace

Pastor Mike

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