Priscila & Aquila Ministry – CVZ’s Outreach Care

‘The purpose of service is so God can reach others through our hands.’


The Priscila & Aquila Ministry is proud to serve as Clark’s Valley Zion’s outreach ministry. This ministry takes an active role in connecting with the community by means of:

Home Assistance: (physical, structural) Help with maintenance and minor repairs.
Elder/Parental Assistance: (personal) Driving people to appointments and errands.
Elder Assistance: Supporting children of the elderly.
Parenting Assistance: Supporting parents through physical assistance.
Retirees: Seniors in Service Ministry

If any of these are something you may be interested in doing, or if you know someone who may
need any of these services, please contact either Diann Knapp @ 717-265-5772 or Carol
Garber @ 717-919-2054.

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