Bend-A-Knee Weekly Sermon 12/21/2023

When I was a child Christmas was a magical time. I have fond memories of the Christmas seasons from my childhood. Christmas eve was the longest day of the year with the anticipation of the next morning and the splendor of wrapped presents under the tree.

The Christmas morning ritual did not include chaos, but order. The presents were unwrapped to the wonder of the one receiving the gift and the enjoyment of the rest of the family. The process took some time but allowed for the Christmas morning excitement to be extended beyond a short time of bedlam.

Every year I would state that I was going to leave a present from my stocking unwrapped so that when it was removed from storage the next year, I would have the excitement of opening a gift when the decorations were being put up for the new Christmas season. I never followed through with my plan, I just had to unwrap each present, I couldn’t help myself!

God presented mankind with the ultimate gift on the first Christmas; the gift of the Eternal Son, becoming one with His creation to provide for us what we could not provide for ourselves. Unfortunately, so many refuse to unwrap the gift that God provided. Imagine how you would feel if the special present, the one that came at a great cost to you, remained unwrapped because the recipient refused to open your special gift. The disappointment would be overwhelming. God’s gift is infinitely beyond the greatest gift we have ever given. Yet so many people arrogantly reject the gift of love that came through the Infant King on Christmas.

Today as you consider pausing at noon to Bend-A-Knee in prayer may you offer a prayer on behalf of someone you know that continually refuses to unwrap God’s gift to them. We can never pray someone into God’s Kingdom but we do have the opportunity to pray that God will use us or someone else to plant the seed of the gospel of Jesus Christ in their heart and mind. Maybe God will allow us the privilege of guiding them through the process of making a conscious decision to accept salvation in Christ Jesus. Christmas reminds us of God’s overwhelming love for mankind. May that reminder propel us to fall on our knees in prayer on behalf of others. Perhaps this Christmas season will become the most cherished season ever, long remembered as the time that a conscious decision was made to unwrap God’s gift of salvation through Jesus the Christ. No gift ever given can impact one’s eternity like the gift God gave at Christmas.

Stay connected to God & to others

God’s Peace,

Pastor Mike

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