Bend-A-Knee Weekly Sermon 11/17/22

     “God Sightings” – it is something that is talked about frequently at Clark’s Valley Zion (CVZ). The idea behind a “God Sighting” is that I believe God is apparent in so many different ways in our lives but we have not trained ourselves to see the wonder and majesty of our Creator and thus we miss the opportunity to immerse ourselves in His glory. For many, “God Sightings” are apparent in nature; the Creator’s handiwork is magnificently displayed in breathtaking evidence. Sometimes God displays His masterpiece of creation in something very simple yet strikingly profound.

The question of “God Sightings” is asked at multiple meetings weekly when CVZ folks are together. When the “God Sightings” question was asked at a meeting, a mother of a young son responded in regard to seeing the world through her son’s eyes. We had our first snowfall of the season that day in central Pennsylvania and her young son had never experienced a memorable snowfall before. She shared how differently the boy viewed the snow compared to the view of many adults. The boy was captivated by the falling snow. She was able to recapture the wonder and majesty of God’s blessing as opposed to the dread, annoyance and inconvenience that usually accompanies the adult perspective.

How often do we miss the majesty of God as adults? Do we lose the wonder involved in everyday life? God is magnificent, majestic and mysterious beyond our comprehension; that is what makes Him God! Unfortunately, as we grow into adulthood instead of being continually overwhelmed by the unsurpassed glory of God, we become engrossed in the responsibilities of everyday life and fail to see or acknowledge God’s presence that is available and evident if we have trained ourselves to capture it all around us.

     Today as you consider Bending-A-Knee in prayer at noon may you be overwhelmed by the magnificence of being given the invitation to enter God’s Throne Room of Grace. May you ask God to help you to view life with open eyes and to be captivated by the everyday presence of God. Imagine if you started to see God in various ways each day. Every day would hold numerous revelations of God that would impact the way you view life and your Creator.


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God’s Peace,

Pastor Mike

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