Bend-A-Knee Weekly Sermon 10/05/2023

I just got done taking a shower – TMI (Too much information), a visual that may ruin your day – sorry, keep reading perhaps it will pass. For several years now I have thanked God while taking a shower. It reminds me of how richly God has blessed me. The clean heated water is something we take for granted but around the world, even in America, many people do not have the luxury of such accommodations. Opening the refrigerator door or the pantry unveils an abundance of food. Again, the blessings that we overlook are not guaranteed in other parts of the world. Statistics that indicate that if you have this or that means you are richer and more blessed than such a large population worldwide seem to fall short of allowing us to comprehend our blessings. Too often we compare ourselves to others who seemingly have more material possessions than we do and we become dissatisfied with what we have and it promotes a desire to obtain more. In our consumer world of America, we certainly find it hard to find contentment no matter what we have.

God’s blessings far exceed our material possessions or health. Too often we struggle to view God’s blessing in light of our present circumstances. The beauty of God is that He is forward thinking. While we may have difficulty appreciating our present situation God’s plan includes provisions for today, tomorrow and for all eternity.

For many talking about eternity amid the problems of today seems like a slap in the face. Answers and results now, become the priority. I do not want to diminish the extreme difficulties that anyone is experiencing right now but I also do not want to diminish the blessings of God that came at such a great cost to Him. Our present-day struggles may seem overwhelming while we are in the midst of them but may we never forget that God will never abandon us no matter what we are facing.

Today as you consider pausing at noon to Bend-A-Knee in prayer may you acknowledge the overflowing blessings of God. May you not take for granted even the most mundane aspects of God’s care. May the reality of an eternity spent in God’s presence, for those who have made a conscious decision to accept salvation in Christ Jesus, sustain them through the difficulties of this life. Our present blessings cannot compare to the riches of an eternity spent in the presence of our amazing God.

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God’s Peace,

Pastor Mike

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