Bend-A-Knee Weekly Sermon 07.28.22

We have officially entered the “Dog-Days” of summer. The name of this time period originated with Caesar Augustus, several thousand years ago. It began each year on July 24 & would run until August 24. It was thought that this was an evil time of the year when the sea would boil, wine would turn sour and dogs would go mad. The canine connection refers to Sirius (the dog star) in the constellation Canis Major. The belief was that extra heat from the dog star caused the hottest days of the year.

Today we connect the “Dog-Days” of summer with the time frame between July 3 – August 11 which is typically the hottest time of the year for us. Other than the occasional thunder storm that produces rain during this time period it is the driest time of the year for us. It is during this time period that the earth is parched and in need of liquid nourishment, rain.

How about you, are you in need of spiritual nourishment, do you feel spiritually parched? Typically, the summer months are a quieter time on the church calendar, with many people on vacation, it causes some programing to be put on hold until the end of summer. At CVZ we already had VBS and still have various opportunities for worship and fellowship during the summer. Every Monday morning there is a ladies Bible Study. The youth have been spending Wednesday mornings doing service projects. Yesterday, 13 youth went to Camp Hebron and did some cleaning. Every 1st Thursday of the month we have our Worship in the Park service at the gazebo in Dauphin Borough. On Sunday, August 14 we will be having a church picnic at CVZ. And each Sunday we have two worship services & adult Sunday School classes. The 1st Sunday of the month, weather permitting, we have outdoor worship services.

If you are feeling parched spiritually, I would encourage you take advantage of the opportunities provided at CVZ to gain some much-needed spiritual refreshment. God established the church because He knew we need each other. Being a disciple of Christ was never meant to be a Lone Ranger activity. As you consider pausing at noon today to Bend-A-Knee in prayer may you thank God for establishing the church. The body of believers under the headship of Christ provides the opportunity for you to be nourished, strengthened & equipped to be an effective disciple of Christ. Physical dehydration can cause serious complications, spiritual dehydration can produce even greater difficulties. If you are spiritually parched, please allow God’s rain, through His church, to quench your spiritual dryness. God’s idea, His church, may provide the spiritual nourishment you need.

Stay connected to God & to others
God’s Peace
Pastor Mike

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