Bend-A-Knee Weekly Sermon 06/22/2023

Summer officially began yesterday at 10:58am, I’m sure you held a party to celebrate. Yesterday was the day with the most daylight hours in a single day for the year, on average about sixteen hours (I’m writing this before I leave for vacation, so it might actually be a cloudy day not allowing you to appreciate the full extent of the daylight hours…?). Today, the day after, the trek has already begun toward the fall and the loss of daylight.

I wish we could learn a lesson from this reality. In most cases we have great anticipation for something but after the event we live our lives saddened by the fact that the event has passed. Summer is different, it officially begins in June but we continue to enjoy the summer season even though the daylight hours diminish ever so slowly; maybe that is why we continue to enjoy the season because the daylight hours change so gradually it is imperceptible to us.

The warm temperatures and extended daylight hours serve as a calling card to go outside and enjoy God’s creation. God’s handiwork is on full display as the trees, plants, birds and other animals bask in the weather conditions of summer. Family picnics and outdoor activities abound. Vacations that have long been anticipated finally come to fruition. Some relish the hot temperatures allowing aching muscles to have some relief, while others have aching muscles from working outside doing yard work or playing sports, being reminded that their youthful days are a distant memory.

The joys of summer serve as a reminder of God’s goodness. James the brother of Jesus reminds us that “Whatever is good and perfect is a gift coming down to us from God our Father” (James 1:17) So, as you consider pausing at noon today to Bend-A-Knee in prayer may you thank God for the good gifts He has given you. Too often we fixate on the negative things in our lives or the adverse condition of the world in which we live. Today may you fix your eyes on the blessings that God has richly bestowed on you, beyond what you merit. Certainly, life is far from perfect but your circumstances can be viewed in a different light if you fixate on the good gifts God has given you. Take a moment and thank God, rejoicing in the unmerited favor He has extended to you. Take advantage of the summer weather and go outside, relax in the midst of God’s handiwork and give credit where credit is due.

God’s Peace,

Pastor Mike

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