Bend-A-Knee Weekly Sermon 06/20/2024

Phew! It is hot and today is only the first day of summer; officially summer begins at 4:51pm. At that exact moment the sun reaches its most northern point in the sky during the year. This phenomenon is known as the summer solstice. It is also referred to as the longest day of the year. That is not technically true; the day is no longer in time than other days but it is the day in which we, in the northern hemisphere, have the most amount of sunlight in a day for the year. A more accurate description for the day would be that it is the brightest day of the year. The earth experiences this solstice due to its 23.5-degree tilt from vertical. This tilt gives the earth its seasons and paves the way for life as we know it to exist on our planet. Astronomers have determined that every planet in our solar system has an axis tilt, but some are more pronounced than others. Earth has a precise tilt that provides the perfect environment for human life to exist.

Science continually provides more and more evidence that collaborates an Intelligent Designer, God. The precise nature of everything related to earth, its orbit, rotation and tilt provide indisputable evidence that it would be impossible for such exactness, that provides for human existence could possibly occur by chance. I believe the advancement in science provides the greatest evidence of God as a masterful Creator. Science continually reveals the greatest degree of exactness that is necessary not only for earthly life to exist but also confirms the magnificence of the intricate design of the human body. I do not believe that science disproves an Intelligent Designer, but provides more and more evidence toward the truth that no other explanation is plausible toward the entirety of creation.

Today as you consider pausing at noon to Bend-A-Knee in prayer may you spend some time in awe and wonder in regard to the Creator God. We have been blessed by the unveiling that science has revealed providing continual unexplainable mysteries that even advancing science cannot begin to explain. Thank God for His masterful creation. We can only imagine how magnificent heaven will be, considering its perfect state. What wonder awaits every believer, wonder that will continue throughout eternity. All of eternity will not provide enough time to express our gratitude for what awaits. Today may you begin your attitude of gratitude to our magnificent God, the Intelligent Designer, Creator and Sustainer of everything.

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God’s Peace,

Pastor Mike

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