Bend-A-Knee Weekly Sermon 06/08/2023

One of the benefits of growing up in the country is the enjoyment of watching & catching lighting bugs (aka: fireflies) on a summer evening. One of the reasons the lighting bug flashes its light is to attract mates. Each species flashes light in a unique pattern which allows others to identify potential mates. Some only flash once while others flash up to nine times. The lighting bug produces the most efficient light in the world emitting 100% of its energy as light; there is no heat created with the light so when you catch one it doesn’t feel warm to the touch.

In the Great Smokey Mountains, near Elkmont, a particular lightening bug species puts on a synchronized light show in early June each year. This fascinating display draws quite a crowd, to the point where there is a lottery that takes place in order to obtain a vehicle parking pass to view this rare spectacle. The peak time in 2023 to view this phenomenon is this week, June 4-10.

As I was thinking about God’s wonderful creation of lighting bugs it connected me to another one of God’s glorious creations, the church. Lighting bugs bring great joy to children and those who watch and listen to their squeals of delight as they race around trying to catch these marvelous creatures. Shouldn’t the church also bring delight to followers of Christ? I know the 21st century church has obtained a bad reputation and is despised by some but to those who truly love Christ and desire to please Him, being part of His body, His design, should bring sheer delight. Do you find yourself “out of sorts” when you miss joining with fellow believers in corporate worship? The remedy is so very simple…!

Lighting bugs display their light as a means of attraction. What if the church displayed the light of Christ to others in an attractive way? What if as a corporate body the light of Christ took on a synchronized pattern that created a fascinating display that others were drawn toward the Head of the body of the church, Christ Jesus. Wouldn’t it be great to display Christ in such a way that He would be glorified through our words & actions?

Today as you consider pausing at noon to Bend-A-Knee in prayer may you ask God to grant you the joyful enticing light of Christ in your life. Ask God to help you put aside anything that may keep you from having a synchronized display of Christ-like love with your fellow believers. Pray that the body of Christ, the church, may be a beacon of light that shines bright in this world for the glory of God’s Kingdom.

God’s Peace,

Pastor Mike

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