Bend-A-Knee Weekly Sermon 05/23/2024

At the time you will read this Bend-A-Knee posting, Ashley Fagan (The Lay-Delegate of Clark’s Valley Zion) and I will be attending our denominations National Conference. I do not speak of the denomination we at Clark’s Valley Zion are affiliated with often but we are a part of a larger denomination, the Evangelical Congregational Church. One of the reminders of National Conference is that our local church body is part of a larger body of believers that is part of the universal body of Christ.

The Evangelical Congregational (EC) Denomination is not large compared to others but its outreach is global. The denomination is four times larger outside of the United Sates as compared to individual congregations within the United States. The denomination has always had a focus on sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ – thus: “Evangelical.”

During National Conference Ashley and I will have a chance to interact with other pastors and Lay-Delegates from other EC congregations. We will hear of their challenges and dreams, victories and disappointments. These interactions will remind us of the seemingly universal challenges that face the modern-day church in the twenty-first century striving to maintain a Christ centered focus based on biblical principles.

I am humbled to serve as a District Field Director for the Capital/Lebanon District of the EC Denomination. This means that I have eleven other EC churches under my jurisdiction. My main role is to serve as a pastor to the other pastors. I have been able to join in their celebrations and stand beside them as they face adversity. Being a pastor is a lonely ministry even though being surrounded by people. Part of my role is to encourage them to keep up the good fight through discouraging times. Unfortunately, the discouraging times seem to outnumber the times of celebration.

Today as you consider pausing at noon to Bend-A-Knee in prayer may you lift up the EC Denomination as we strive to be a “Dynamic Movement of God.” The theme of Conference this year is: “Changing the world with Jesus.” It sounds like a monumental task, impossible alone, but certainly achievable through the power of the Holy Spirit. Today may you consider how you can change your world with Jesus by allowing God to use you as a tool in His hands to impact another life for His Kingdom.

Stay connected to God & to others

God’s Peace,

Pastor Mike

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