Bend-A-Knee Weekly Sermon 05/11/2023

According to what we understand of the laws of physics, a bumblebee should not be able to fly. The body mass of the bumblebee in regard to air resistance makes the bumblebee “technically” unable to fly. Yet we know that even though the laws of physics determine that the bumblebee cannot fly, it does. We accept this disruption within the law of nature because we all have had first-hand experience watching a bumblebee fly.

Unfortunately, our rational thinking often stops us from accepting the fact that the Creator God is not bound to the laws of nature as we understand them. When we struggle to rationalize an event, we are confined to our own limited understanding. Our perception of God is often limited to our ability to understand Him. The mystery and majesty of God are vastly beyond our ability to comprehend. For some, this creates a barrier toward faith. To me, this is the essence of faith. If God could be understood, then in reality, He would not be God. One’s faith is exercised when we accept that God is magnificent beyond anything we can imagine or begin to understand. This reality creates the basis of faith, an acceptance of fact that the mystery of God though beyond our understanding, does not in any way diminish His reality or limit His authority and power.

I do not believe that science contradicts that there is a Creator God but science, because it is based on a human’s capacity to explore and understand, will never catch up to God. The “order” established in creation certainly aligns itself with the way science attempts to explain various concepts. The problem with science is that it is always behind; it is reactionary not creative. Science attempts to explain what already exists and does not have the ability to create. Since sin has entered the world, mankind has repeatedly been trying to return to the perfection of God’s original creation. Mankind thinks it is so advanced but because it cannot create it will never completely solve any problem. God has provided the ultimate solution in Christ Jesus for all eternity.

Today as you consider pausing at noon to Bend-A-Knee in prayer may you acknowledge the magnificence of the Creator God. My prayer for you is that as you go through your day you will capture the details of God’s handiwork evident in everything around you and that you will be overwhelmed with the God of creation. May you praise Him, just for who He is, the originator of all that is and ultimately the restorer of perfection.

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God’s Peace,

Pastor Mike

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