Bend-A-Knee Weekly Sermon 05/04/2023

Today is the National Day of Prayer. During the early formation of America, in the New England Colonies, there were traditional observances in late fall calling for prayer and thanksgiving, while in the spring or summer there were callings for prayer and fasting. President Abraham Lincoln established the fall observance as the official Thanksgiving holiday in 1863. President Harry S. Truman established the spring observance as the National Day of Prayer in 1952. In 1988 a fixed day was set for the National Day of Prayer as the first Thursday of May. This designated day according to the United States Congress is a time when people are asked “to turn to God in prayer and meditation.” The president is required by law to sign a proclamation each year, encouraging all Americans to pray on this day. Some presidents have held events at the White House to honor this sacred day and some have not. Clark’s Valley Zion is holding a prayer walk on our property tonight at 210 McKelvey Rd. Dauphin, Pa. beginning at 6:30-7:30pm. You will be encouraged to go to different prayer stations to uplift others and various aspects of your life, as well as praise, worship and gratitude. You are encouraged to come and bring a friend, neighbor or coworker to participate in this self-guided prayer walk.

Prayer / meditation is a traditional part of most major religions. In some cases, it is mandated that at certain times of the day or year one must pray in order to follow the requirements of their particular religion. For a disciple of Christ prayer is much more than following a set of rules and rituals in order to meet established requirements, prayer is encouraged to become a regular part of your daily existence. Prayer is the Creator God’s invitation to enter into His throne Room of Grace in praise, adoration, thanksgiving, repentance and supplication (request). God delights that His children come to Him in conversation; seeking His guidance, will and intercession. This special time results in forming an intimate relationship and fellowship with our heavenly Father. Prayer cannot be legislated is it a sacred privilege of a believer to interact with the Almighty God.

Today as you consider pausing at noon to Bend-A-Knee in prayer may you recognize the glorious privilege of prayer. It is not a means to manipulate God but it is a way of fostering a closer relationship with your Father, God. As you pray God has the longing to transform your heart and mind so that His desires will align with yours. May today be a special day of prayer seeking a unified desire to allow God to influence lives for His glory.

Stay connected to God & to others

God’s Peace,

Pastor Mike

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