Bend-A-Knee Weekly Sermon 04/20/2023

“Watch out for falling Iguanas” – this notification was made by the National Weather Service in Miami one winter. In southern Florida where there is a large population of Iguanas when the temperature drops below freezing the low temperatures cause the cold-blooded animals to go into a state in which they lose their power to grasp the branches they are clinging to and they drop to the ground. Imagine walking along a path and having an Iguana fall on you or in front of you; it would be rather unsettling.

While you may not be able to relate to Iguanas falling from trees around you here in Pennsylvania you may have seen in others or maybe personally experienced the effects of having a cold spell spiritually. You become lethargic first and then if it lasts too long, you lose your grasp on God and fall into deeper despair. Many times, when I ask people how they are doing they respond with the phrase “I’m hanging in there” to which I respond “Don’t lose your grip.” Are you one who just seems to be hanging in there? Has your relationship with Christ become cold causing you to become lethargic or maybe you are losing your grip, giving you the feeling that you are going to fall?

In the last chapter of the biblical book of Hebrews the author begins the chapter with a potpourri of advice. In the midst of this advice the author includes a promise from God for every believer in Christ: “I will never leave you or forsake you.” (Heb. 13:5). This truth should provide comfort for every disciple of Christ, and yet we feel our relationship with Him growing colder, not because He has moved away from us but because we have moved away from Him. Take heart, He is waiting with open arms to welcome you back into a warm relationship with Him, but you need to take action.

Today as you consider Bending-A-Knee in prayer, may you actually spend some time in fellowship with the God who has invited you into His presence. A fantastic way to start your day is to pray through your day before your feet ever hit the floor every morning. This practice gives you the chance to invite God into every encounter, every aspect of your day. Starting your day with God sets the tone for whatever the day may hold in store for you. A morning prayer warms your soul and awakens your spirit more than any cup of coffee. If you want to de-ice your relationship with God, be intentional about starting your day in prayer and watch how your attitude and perspective change in regard to the day that is going to unfold before your eyes.

Stay connected to God & to others

God’s Peace,

Pastor Mike

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