Bend-A-Knee Weekly Sermon 01/19/2023

How big is your God? This may seem like a silly question because who can actually measure the size of God? God is “spirit” (John 4:24) and as such has no physical or material form which makes him immeasurable. This concept is very disconcerting to some, we want to understand, to be able to quantify God into a means that we can comprehend. The infinite nature of God creates a conundrum for our finite minds. God’s vastness is transcendent. It has been said that “God is so “other” that we can never fully understand Him.”

Does that bother you that you cannot grasp the enormity of an immeasurable God? This fact brings me great comfort. I worship a God that is beyond any means of comprehension. The wonder and majesty of God provides me with a sense of security even though I cannot begin to comprehend His size or His actions. I want a God that is superior to anything that I can encounter; a God who is not surprised by whatever is ahead of me. Because God is beyond my understanding, He is not confined to any parameters that I place upon Him which allows me to trust that He is greater than anything or anyone that may try to entangle me.

Isaiah, the prophet of God, captured the vast difference between God and man in the words of God Himself: “For my thoughts are nothing like your thoughts, and my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55:8-9)

It would be foolish of us to attempt to try and fit God into our mold of Him; but how many times do we try and make His plans conform to ours? Our goal should be to strive towards fitting into His plans. We must simply allow God to be God. This concept is scary because God is uncontrollable which means we allow ourselves to be swept away according to His will without fully understanding the consequences of our obedience.

Today as you consider pausing at noon to Bend-A-Knee in prayer may you simply put your trust and confidence in an immeasurable, transcendent God who is vast beyond all measure. Allow God to be God and rejoice in His willingness to be concerned about the things we are concerned about. May you follow the advice of Chuck Swindoll: “Only when your God is BIG can your worries be erased and replaced with peace.”

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God’s Peace,

Pastor Mike

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