Our Beliefs

Our idea of “church” does not revolve around a building but around a community of people devoted to a common goal of growing in our relationship with Christ. We enjoy being together and are strengthened, encouraged, equipped and challenged to live our lives as disciples of Christ. We acknowledge the authority of God’s Word and strive to live according to the principles outlined within the inspired writing of the  authors who were directed by God’s Spirit. We are fully committed to God, who we believe loves humanity extravagantly as evidenced by the Eternal Son entering this world to provide for mankind what it could not provide for itself, a way beyond sin.

The Eternal Son was given the name Jesus and lived the perfect life which allowed Him to become the only acceptable sacrifice, to die a sacrificial death defeating the power of sin. He rose on the third day in victory over death, He ascended to heaven passing the baton of His ministry to the “church” as His body in the world and He is seated in authority as the ultimate victor over Satan. We believe that salvation is available to anyone who seeks forgiveness from their sin and from the controlling power of sin in one’s life. This salvation is only available through the finished work of Christ on mankind’s behalf. We celebrate God: The Father, Son and Holy Spirit in corporate worship and strive to glorify Him in our everyday lives.

We are not an exclusive community but a welcoming community committed to inviting everyone to journey with us in the process of becoming more like Christ, our Savior.

Denomination Affiliation

To know Christ and to make Him known.

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Our Desire is for you to know that God loves you with an extravagant love that propelled Him to action.

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